Effective ways to cut down your monthly expenses

Cutting down on your monthly expenses doesn’t have to mean tightening the budget belt, there are still many different ways that you can save on them.

Turn Electrical appliances off when not in use

Energy Saving Trust found that across the UK, households were spending between £45-80 per year just on TVs and game consoles that were on standby or plugged in but not in use, equivalent to 8-15% of an average electricity bill.

One degree at a Time

Baby, it’s cold outside, but why don’t you try nudging down the heat by one degree? Not only does this save on money and energy, you might also find yourself sleeping better if the temperature is around 14 or 15C.

Check energy labels

When buying new devices make sure you buy the most energy efficient version. A+++ is the most efficient and D is the least efficient based on the product’s energy consumption. You can find these labels on energy-saving light bulbs, dishwashers, fridges and freezers, to name a few items.

Keep it cool

Wash your clothes at 30 degrees instead of 40 uses around 40% less energy, saving you roughly £13 annually on energy bills. A cooler wash is kinder on your clothes, reducing colour loss and fabric damage. High temperatures, however, should be used for sanitising towels and bedding.

Cheaper TV

Do you really need to be able to watch all the channels available on Sky? If not, why not think about cancelling your TV subscription and switching to something cheaper like an online streaming service? There are quite a few alternatives that enable you to watch films and TV shows such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, Mubi and YouTube.