Payday Express The Money Shop

The payday loan business is booming in these days of extortionate unauthorised bank charges. This way to borrow over a short period in the event of unexpected expenses can relieve a period of financial hardship.

Unexpected financial costs are worrying and draining and a payday loan can allay the worry of paying for example, washing machine repairs, car maintenance bills and other unexpected expenses.

There are many reasons why a payday loan is a good option for a short term way to borrow. Secure applications, and same day collection be that in person or directly to your bank account.

A payday express loan offers competitive interest rates. If you are over 18, are employed and have a UK bank account then you could be eligible for a payday loan.

You can call into a branch of apply online and the loan can be credited to your account the same day. Our friendly staff will walk you through every detail of the loan. You can repay in 30 days or on your next payday.

Borrowing in this way means bringing your payday forward and bridges the gap between paydays and a good way of avoiding unauthorised bank charges.

The payday express the moneyshop offers everything under one roof to help people through the difficult periods of financial hardship in say, the middle of the month when payday seems a lifetime away.

With branches throughout the country and convenient online applications, a payday loan is moments away from your fingertips or a short distance to your high street will have your loan arranged within the hour.

Why worry further? With great rates and responsible lending policies, payday express the moneyshop will suit your pocket and your time with swift, convenient and confidential approaches to your financial needs.