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Representative APR of 79.5% (variable) Here's an example to illustrate: If you borrow £1000 for 12 months, your monthly payment will be £116.52. The total amount repayable will be £1392.63, including £392.63 in interest. The interest rate is 79.5% (variable). Interest rates range from 9.0% APR to 1721% APR. You can request a quote without any obligation. The APR you receive will depend on your personal circumstances. Our loans are available for amounts between £100 and £5000, with terms ranging from 3 months to 36 months .

Affordable & Responsible Lending

  • Loans between £50 to £5,000 from Direct Payday Lenders
  • We are equipped with up date, advanced technology to help get the product you need.
  • Realistic and affordable repayment options available
  • Bad Credit applications can be facilitated here.

Clear, Honest & Fair

We have been helping people for over 12 years. We do not hide any of our charges. Apply to Direct Payday Lenders and brokers with no broker fees, no fax. An explanation if given to you by many direct lenders to show of every detail of your loan, so that you are comfortable in repaying your loan back.

Direct Payday Lenders vs. High Street Lenders

We found that high street payday lenders, short term loan lenders or banks, are not for everyone. They may not offer loans that suit your financial situation or credit score for the short term needed.

Short-term Loans Short term loans are loans that are typically repaid within a year or less. They are usually used to cover unexpected expenses or to bridge a financial gap until a larger source of income is available. Short term loans are often unsecured, meaning they do not require collateral, and can be obtained quickly and easily. They are typically higher interest than traditional loans, so it is important to understand the terms and conditions before taking out a short term loan.can begin from as little as £50 right up to £5,000. Short-term loans can be for a period from 6 up to 35 days and installment loans are between 1 to 12 months and Payday Loans are mostly between 1 to 31 days. They are designed for customers with emergency needs. Short-term loans are used to help you get through to your next pay date, and are due in full on the pay date and repaid automatically by way of direct debit.

Applications for online credit are done online, and can be completed in within minutes. When short-term loan applications are accepted, money can be in their account on the same day that the loan has been approved that is if your bank accepts faster payments and at lenders discretion.

Direct Payday Loan Lenders

Our short-term loans lenders will help family emergencies or just unforseen circumstances, such as Washing machine break downs or just car repairs. Such loans have flexibility in terms on loan terms, loan amounts, repayment dates. Ask for the lender for more info.

We have been helping people for over 10 years. We are a credit broker, we can help you get connected to direct lenders trading in the UK. Direct short-term loans are regulated by the FCA and we have a full FCA license.

At, you can apply without any hassle over online or over the phone. This will help in case of family emergencies or just unforseen circumstances, such as the Washing machine breaking down or just the the car giving you bother again. Direct lenders will determine, by way of a credit check and affordability to determine the application outcome.

These loans are required for those who are in need of an cash advance for a short-term period. Emergency cash loans are here and provided by us to ensure consumers who are in need of emergency cash, gets the cash loan they need to come out of any urgent situations they may be in. Always seek advice before apply for any sort of finance especially payday loans.