What is a cookie?

Cookies are very small, often encrypted text files that are stored on your computer when you visit certain websites. You can learn more by visiting allaboutcookies.org. Cookies are used by our site to allow us to ensure important components of our site work correctly, analyse where visitors to our site have come from, look at number of visitors to different pages within our site and further analyse their actions once there. You may set your website to disable cookies however this will affect some important functionality of this site, including disrupting your loan application process, and adversely affecting your online account viewing area.

Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies to make our website easier for you to use, for tracking our users’ actions within the site and for visitor retention functionality. Some cookies also help us improve the performance of our website to provide you with a better user experience. In addition we use cookies to track users’ entry points to the site, and their actions within various pages they reach – for example how far customers proceed through our loan application process. Some cookies, set by our third parties, also aid with our tracking of customer usage of the site along with the provision of site visitor retention functionality. These third parties may provide their partners with tracking information which does not identify you personally but which does recognise the device and type of sites and offers the device is used to visit. In turn these tracking technologies may cause similar products and offers to be displayed on that device by way of banner advertisements and other means when you visit third party sites. This may be used for targeted pay-per-click advertising elsewhere.

What cookies do we use?

Below is a list of the cookies that might be set by us or our third parties when you visit the site.

You can block cookies or remove any already stored on your computer by adjusting your web browser settings. Each web browser has a help section to instruct you on how to do this. Disabling cookies may affect your experience and prevent you from using parts of our website.