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Representative APR of 79.5% (variable) .

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As shown on your ID, No Short names are allowed

Representative APR of 79.5% (variable) Here's an example to illustrate: If you borrow £1000 for 12 months, your monthly payment will be £116.52. The total amount repayable will be £1392.63, including £392.63 in interest. The interest rate is 79.5% (variable). Interest rates range from 9.0% APR to 1721% APR. You can request a quote without any obligation. The APR you receive will depend on your personal circumstances. Our loans are available for amounts between £100 and £5000, with terms ranging from 3 months to 36 months

Once upon a time time, chances were that if you wanted needed a loan, a bank would have been your first point of contact. Traditional loans still very much have their place, but modern life can pose a complete new and perhaps more dynamic need for instant funding. Representative APR of 79.5% (variable)

Loan providers such as Payday Donkey, at the direct lender, provide a service very different to the traditional loan, and in reality the two options are very much different products. Payday Loans and Traditional loan products should not be directly compared, as they do different jobs, over different periods of time, but both have their place in the funding marketplace.

Short term, Payday funding is a product that provides cash almost instantly, based on the premise that it is an Ultra short term loan, usually until the next Payday. It should not be used as a long term loan, but as an opportunity to make a payment or purchase, with instant cash, at the best moment for you.

Take this situation as an example, you have a sudden opportunity to buy a bargain item, but at that moment, you do not have the spare cash. Payday Donkey at can be contacted on the Internet or by phone and will consider your loan request and make a decision within minutes.

When an agreement has been reached, they will transfer the funds to your account and you can buy that item, or indeed pay that pressing bill, without the need to wait until the next pay check.

Typically of course, the interest paid on the borrowed money is significantly higher than a traditional loan, but that is because the product is designed to loan money over days, rather than perhaps years.

A good idea may be to consider whether taking this type of short term loan will bring you a cost saving on the purchased product, or indeed relieve pressure on a pressing expense.

Also, perhaps a 2-3 week loan is a much better option than signing up to a 2-3 year commitment, which may levy major charges should you try and cancel early.

Why hasn’t this loan product been around for years? Well, much of the opportunity is down to the Internet. Today, the Internet is everywhere and available to most people and this coupled with mobile phone technology has allowed instant communication between lender and borrower and rapid transmission of funds, something just not possible even five years ago.

The short term pay day funding product is a reflection of modern life; it is fast, available, cost effective and a great product for a responsible borrower.

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